Lets begin here…

i guess it would be better to write my thoughts all inside here, i can reflect myself every time i come in here,

Lets start, it has been a crazy month this 2 mth.. retrenchment.. school fees.. family problem.. exams…goodness.. i nearly cant take it .. =x

I guess now some problems have been settled and some still floating around me… quite tired and i need to make plans for myself, i think i have to be self fish now..To be able to move on, i need to care about one thing, which is myself !

I believe i care too much on people and never think about myself, well~ i will see myself from now i am not longer the old darren that you people know.

I am now a mature, balance and a optimistic person and will deal things with thinking before making any rush move. 😀 That is what the Real Darren do 🙂

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